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Fire Suppression Systems, Fire Extinguishers, Custom Metal Fabrication, Kitchen Ventilation Systems in Delaware

Quality III Fire Protection, Inc. is the number one choice of Delaware restaurant owners, commercial and industrial businesses for fire protection products and services, code compliance, inspections and other fire safety needs.

We evaluate your place of business to determine the hazards and likely causes of potential fires and provide recommendations. From installations to maintaining your equipment for years of reliable use, Quality III Fire Protection technicians are trained and licensed to keep your customers, employees, inventory and property safe.

Quality III Fire Protection has taken its decades of experience and extended its range of services to also include Custom Metal Fabrication and Kitchen Ventilation Systems.

Delaware Service Area

Fast, knowledgeable and always at your service.

Quality III Fire Protection technicians serve the entire state of Delaware from the capital to its beaches including Wilmington, Dover, Newark, Middletown and Smyrna.

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