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Fire Suppression Systems, Fire Extinguishers, Custom Metal Fabrication, Kitchen Ventilation Systems for Delaware Restaurants and Businesses

Fire Suppression Systems

As the owner or manager of a restaurant, office complex or retail business, it’s your job to protect your staff, patrons and property from the threat of fire.Your first line of defense comes from a fire suppression system by Quality III Fire Protection, Inc. that can quickly detect and stop fires. We offer the latest in fire suppression technology to create products and services of the highest level of excellence.

We can create unique, customized fire protection solutions for restaurants, commercial and industrial businesses, office and retail complexes and more. Whether you need a new fire suppression system designed and installed, maintained and inspected or a repair to existing equipment, the experts at Quality III Fire Protection, Inc. can assist you. We follow all relevant fire codes to make sure your business is safe and compliant.

Fire Extinguisher Service

Quality III Fire Protection Inc. will keep your fire extinguishers up to code and fully operational in the event of a fire. Choose us for all your fire extinguisher needs including:

  • Inspections: As state licensed technicians, Quality III Fire Protection, Inc. can perform annual inspections required by law.
  • Recharges: Whether as part of routine testing or to refill a canister that was used to put out a fire, trust Quality III Fire Protection to recharge your fire extinguishers.
  • Certification Tags: When an extinguisher is inspected, recharged or hydro-tested, it needs the appropriate tags to identify the services performed, Quality III Fire Protection, Inc. will take care of all certification tags to keep your business code compliant.
  • Training: Quality III Fire Protection provides on-site training for your employees to give them the confidence and skills necessary to take appropriate action if a fire ignites.
  • Installation: Quality III Fire Protection, Inc. knows exactly where to install your fire extinguishers to keep them compliant with fire codes and ensure easy access in case of an emergency
  • Sales: If you need new or replacement fire extinguishers, Quality III Fire Protection can tell you exactly what kind, what size and how many you need to cover your property.

Custom Metal Fabrication

Clean lines, long-lasting and beautiful, Quality III Fire Protection, Inc. are experts when it comes to meeting your exact specifications for stainless steel products. From the simple and sublime to the complex and challenging, we can create it all. We design, manufacture and install a full line of stainless steel items for commercial applications in the state of Delaware including: ventilation hoods, duct work, sinks, dish, prep or work tables, shelves, counter tops and more!

Kitchen Ventilation Systems

Quality III Fire Protection, Inc. specializes in the manufacturing and installation of ventilation systems for the hospitality industry which fully complies with Delaware state inspection requirements for commercial use. We set the standard for commercial kitchen ventilation systems with our expertise, service and customer satisfaction.

A System of Service

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